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Mind Builders School
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Our Facilities
Standard Laboratories

The school maintains well equipped and modern laboratories for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Agricultural Science, Basic Science and the Languages. Standard workshops are provided for Basic Technology, Technical Drawing, Clothing and Textile, Foods and Nutrition and Fine Arts. We understand the need for practical teaching and those are amply provided for in the school’s programme.


Information & Communication Technology

The world has become a globe village due to the ever advancing level of technology and telecommunication. And in recognition of the prime place which computer knowledge and skill occupy in this age, the school provides practical computer training for our students. To this end, the school has up to data computer laboratories. Fully stocked with the most modern computer units. Our computers are internet-enabled, which means that in addition to acquiring proficiency in computer operations, our students can send and receive E-mails as well as surf the net in research for more knowledge.


Music, Drama & Art

Students are encouraged to develop new skills and interests in music and instrumentation.The music Room is provided with various essential instruments such as Guitar, Drum set, Pianos, Organs, Violins, Sax and many others. The lesson are mostly practical in nature and are conducted.


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