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Mind Builders School
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are documents needed for registering my child?

You will need your child’s copy of birth certificate, immunization record, 3 passport photograph and result from the previous school.

2. How old does my child have to be to get admitted into the school?
  1. Playgroup - 18 months old
  2. Pre-Nursery class - 2 years before September
  3. Primary - 5 years
  4. High School - over 10+ years
3. What time does school begin?

7:50am with assembly for Nursery and Primary

7:30am with assembly for High School.

4. What time does school end?

1:00pm for Nursery pupils

2:20pm for Primary pupils

3:00pm on co-curricular activities days

3:30pm for High School.

5. What is the rule as regards lateness?

The school gate is closed at 8:30am against late comers. However, if there is any unplanned situation or occurrence beyond the control of the parent, it is advised to notify the Head of School 2 hours before resumption time.

6. What is the protocol for absenteeism?

Parents are advised to notify the school in case of absenteeism for a day or two. However, if the pupil/student will be out of school for more than 3 days, parents are expected to write the school officially seeking for permission.

7. What happens when my child is ill?

If the pupil/student is discovered to be ill in school, the school nurse will attend to the child with parent’s consent. However, pupil/students with communicable disease such as measles, chicken pox, mumps, or symptoms of Ebola or Corona virus etc will not be allowed into the school, parents are advised not to present such pupil/student in school.

8. When can I pay school fees?

Full school fees must be paid on or before resumption day of each term. Any parent that cannot meet up can approach the school for an extension of period which cannot be more than 2 weeks.

9. Can I visit my child’s classroom?

Mind Builders School operates an Open Door Policy. However, the school does not allow disruption of learning activities during school hours through visit. Nevertheless, parents are allowed to visit the classrooms on Open Day only and/or with a special request addressed to the Head of School/Principal with 24hours notice.

10. How do I find out about all of the school procedures, policies and rules?

From the school website, Education Director, Principal, Head of School, Parents’ Relations Officer, Supervisors and any teaching or supporting staff of the school.

11. How can I learn about the latest events and happenings at Mind Builders School?

School’s website, various social media handles (instagram, facebook) via termly calendar of activities and newsletter, SMS, whatsApp.

12. How would you describe a Mind Builders School Pupil/Student?

A TOTAL CHILD who is guided by the School’s values, which are

Ø Fear of God

Ø Academic Excellence

Ø Moral Uprightness

13. Is it compulsory for a child to attend Primary Six?

Yes. Primary Six builds up a child mentally and gives the pupil the much needed maturity to face the challenges of secondary school education. The primary six class has its own scheme of work which is of great importance to the pupils. Also primary six class completion is the recognized as the last stage of Primary Education by the government.

14. How will Mind Builders School communicate with me about my child’s progress?

Frequent interaction with your child’s teacher through text, e-mail, communication notebook, and open days or by special invitation as the need arises.

15. What makes the school stand out from other schools?

Academic Excellence is our watchword. We pay attention to details.

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