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Mind Builders School
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Nursery School

Our Little Angels

At the Nursery classes, We involve the pupils in activities that encourage pupils to be Independent and initiate interaction with others. We make the them approach new experiences with confidence and be sensitive to the needs, views and feelings of the other people while in different social situations.


Mind Builders School provides a curriculum that is compatible with the Federal Government Policy on National Education. In addition, the school will continuously assess its pupils at the Nursery and Primary levels of education.

In keeping with our goal of improving the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of the children, Below are the age range of the pupils in the Nursery section:-.

  • Playgroup : from 18 months up to 2years
  • Reception Class : from ages 2 – 3years
  • Nursery Section 1 : from ages 3 – 4years
  • Nursery Section 2 : from ages 4 – 5years

The Playgroup, Reception and Nursery Sections are to effect a smooth transition of the children from home to school and a preparatory class for young children tailored for the peculiar need of the age bracket.

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